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  • Smoke Alarms In Caravans

    We Aussies love getting out camping and caravanning. So you’ve packed the fishing gear, the surfing gear, bikes etc. but have you checked how safe...
  • Fire Safety For Workplaces

    Ensuring your workplace is appropriately safeguarded and protected in the instance of a fire is one of the most important steps an employer must ta...
  • A Guide To Smoke Alarms For Landlords

    Whether your tenants have informed you that the smoke alarm isn’t working or you are expecting new tenants to move into the property you manage, th...
  • What Makes Photoelectric Smoke Alarms So Safe?

    Whether you’re building a new house or have decided it's time for a replacement, there are a variety of smoke alarms available to keep you and your...
  • Causes Of A False Smoke Alarm

    Have you ever been sitting watching TV or about to fall asleep in your bed when, suddenly, your fire alarm starts ringing loudly and urgently witho...
  • Queensland Legislation

    Since 1 January 2017, Queensland has had new smoke alarm legislation in place, making Queensland dwellings the safest in Australia when it comes to fire safety.
  • The Importance of Correct Smoke Alarm Placement

    The legislation changes as of January 1st, 2017 require residential rental properties in Queensland to have a photoelectric smoke alarm in every bedroom, in hallways that connect bedrooms and at least one on every storey of a multi level house, in the most likely route to exit.
  • Be Well Alarmed! Install interconnected alarms in all living areas for your family’s safety.

    There is no such thing as being ‘too safe’. Which is why you shouldn’t be complacent when it comes to ensuring your smoke alarms be upgraded to the highest standard.

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