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Causes Of A False Smoke Alarm

Have you ever been sitting watching TV or about to fall asleep in your bed when, suddenly, your fire alarm starts ringing loudly and urgently without the presence of any smoke or fire? Not only can this be frustrating for you, your family and your neighbours but it may also cause immediate and unnecessary action from your local fire department.

There are many potential causes for false alarms and this blog will help explain what can set off a smoke alarm and how to avoid it from happening.

If there is no smoke in sight, what can set off a smoke alarm?

  1. Low batteries in your fire alarm

One of the most common reasons people ask “why did the smoke alarm go off?”, when there’s no smoke to be seen, is because of low batteries in a smoke alarm. Most smoke detectors are designed to trigger an alarm when their electrical current is down, all you need to do to prevent this from occurring is monitor or change the alarm batteries every 6 months or so.

  1. Steam from the bathroom

Have you ever had a hot shower and seen the clouds of steam and wondered if steam can set off a smoke alarm? The answer is yes. By blocking the airflow to your smoke detector, steam from a nearby shower can cause it to ring. To prevent this from happening, make sure to close the door and either open your window or turn on the extractor fan in your bathroom.

  1. Dust and insects

In many cases, there doesn’t seem to be anything near the smoke detector, especially not smoke, so what could be triggering it? If you look a bit closer you may see some dirt, dust and bugs. Could that be it? Can dust set off a smoke alarm? Yes, it can — dust, dirt and insects can interfere with your smoke alarm and can cause it to set off falsely. Have a look inside the cover of your alarm, you might be surprised to find layers of dust and insects, especially in newly built rooms. Softly brush or vacuum the smoke alarm to remove any potential causes of a false alarm.

Replace your old or faulty smoke detector

If your smoke alarm is being set off and you can’t figure out why, it may be time for a new one. As a family-owned Australian business, Evadare Smoke Alarms has a wide range of high-quality lithium battery and hardwired smoke alarms.

For more information about our smoke alarms or answers to questions such as “can humidity set off a smoke alarm?”, “can candles set off smoke alarms?” or “does cigarette smoke trigger fire alarms?”, please contact us today — we’ll be happy to help.

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