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Fire Safety For Workplaces

Ensuring your workplace is appropriately safeguarded and protected in the instance of a fire is one of the most important steps an employer must take when running a business. Keeping your employees and business goods safe from potential fire damage requires a water-tight fire safety plan and high-quality, effective products in the line of defence against any hazards.

Fire safety hazards in the workplace

When running a business, it’s essential to identify any fire safety hazards in the workplace and eliminate their potential risk for causing a fire. Here are some of the fire safety hazards you should consider when creating your fire safety plan:

  • Flammable materials — Any boxes, paper or other flammable materials that are likely to catch or increase a fire.
  • Electrical equipment — Some of the most common fire hazards are faulty electrical items or equipment that has been left on and unattended.
  • Human error — Unfortunately, human error can lead to fires. This may include burning toast in the toaster or spilling liquids on electrical equipment.
  • Combustible liquids If you work with combustible or highly flammable liquids, these could pose threats for fire or explosions within the workplace.

Fire safety policy in the workplace

All workplaces should have an in-depth fire safety policy in the workplace that clearly outlines an exit strategy, alarms, routine drills and effective measures taken to reduce the risk of fire hazards. If you’re wondering who is responsible for fire safety in the workplace, it should always be the employer’s responsibility to provide a fire safety policy. However, employees should also always act responsibly to reduce fire risks.

Safeguard your workplace

When developing fire safety guidelines for the workplace, whether you’re in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria, it’s essential to understand the legal requirements for your state. For most jurisdictions across Australia, legislation states that dwellings and workplaces are required to have photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms.

At Evadare, we stock a range of lithium battery RF photoelectric wireless smoke alarms, which will offer your workplace the highest defence against the threat of fire. Our interconnected alarms will sound an alert, regardless of the size of your workplace, allowing all of your employees to follow the fire safety plan safely and exit the area.

Protect your employees and workplace today

If you need to purchase photoelectric smoke alarms to safeguard your workplace against the threat of fire, then head to Evadare Smoke Alarms to shop our range today. At Evadare, we have been manufacturing certified smoke alarms for over 20 years, keeping Australians across the country safe every day with effective products for fire safety in the workplace. All of our products are legally compliant, use innovative and leading photoelectric technology, and have a 10-year warranty. If you have any questions about our products, installations or compliance, get in touch with one of our experienced smoke alarm experts to learn more today.

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