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Collection: Emerald Planet Smoke Alarms

Emerald Planet is a leading Australian-owned distributor of smoke alarms that are designed for Australia’s rigorous smoke alarm standards and challenging environments. 

All Emerald Planet smoke alarms are CSIRO ActivFire listed and meet Australian Smoke Alarm standards (AS 3786:2014). Emerald Planet’s difference is its ability to design products to deliver optimum energy efficiency, performance and reliability at affordable price points.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your family safe from preventable tragedies, you can’t go wrong with the range of Emerald Planet photoelectric smoke alarms that Evadare offers. They’re easy to sync and install and have a guaranteed life of 10 years — we’ll replace them immediately if they fail within 10 years. We also offer free delivery on all our units Australia-wide! You can’t beat a deal like that.

The EP range is also made to work together, so if you purchase Emerald Planet interconnected smoke alarms, you’ll have a fleet of units at your disposal — keeping even larger apartments and offices aware at all times.

EP Ranger Wireless Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarms with Lithium Battery (EP-Rang-RF-10)

AS 3786:2014 certified, the EP-Rang-RF-10 smoke alarm collection is compatible with both the EP Vulcan 240V range and the Emerald Planet Smoke Alarm Controller. A sealed unit, the EP-Rang-RF-10 is fitted with a non-replaceable 10-year rated lithium battery. This is not an issue, since all units have a 10-year immediate replacement warranty plan.

EP Vulcan 240v Hard Wired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with lithium battery backup and interconnected RF module

The EP Vulcan 240v range is fitted with a 10-year lithium battery backup — and covered by a 10-year warranty. It comes with the RF module included, allowing you to link up to 40 hardwired and wireless alarms to create a large collection for extra protection. The single button on the unit also allows you to test, hush and silence the alarm. The range is also fully compliant with both AS 3786:2014 and Queensland 2022 smoke alarm legislation.

Emerald Planet Smoke Alarm Controller

This wireless controller allows you to quickly test, silence, and locate your alarm system. There’s no need for extra wiring to get this level of convenience. It’s a must-have if you want to routinely test your smoke alarms without having to reach for them.

Evadare — your trusted supplier of Emerald Planet smoke alarms

Don’t take any chances with the safety and well-being of you, your family or your employees. Fit your home or building with highly reliable and durable Emerald Planet smoke alarms to ensure you’re always aware of a preventable fire and smoke-based emergency. If you need help setting up your alarm system, you can find a sparkie near you to help streamline the process. For more information on all our products and services, contact us and speak with a trusted professional today — we look forward to safeguarding your home or business.

Installation Videos:

Emerald Planet Support helpline: 1300 511 148


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