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About Us

Hi! We're Dave and Joanna, thanks for visting Evadare.

We’re a proud, 100% Australian-owned family business. Our mission is to continue to grow Evadare into becoming a household name and synonymous with safety in Australia. Wherever you live and play, Evadare is there to help you keep your family safe.

The values on which we run our business are: being Real, Helpful, Honest, Accountable and Empathetic.

Real: We're real people dealing with real people. We’re here to help you navigate your way around the sometimes confusing information that’s out there.

Helpful: We'll try our best to help with whatever you need. Remember our family is here to help your family.

Honest: There’s only one way we now how to operate and that’s honestly and ethically. We’ll be straight with you so you can make an informed decision when you’re ready to purchase.

Accountable: We stand by what we sell. We believe that the Evadare range are quality products so if you have any issues we offer our 10 year replacement warranty.

Empathic: There's nothing worse than a smoke alarm going off at 2am in the morning - we've been there ourselves! So yes, we understand your frustration and will do our best to help resolve whatever caused the alarm to sound.

As a family business based on the Sunshine Coast, we’re very fortunate and grateful for what we have. It's only right to give back and help where we can. $1 from every purchase goes to one of these charities.




"Great customer service rang to ask a question - Dave was extremely helpful over the phone, made my Online order had it within a few days - perfect . Thanks Dave" Susan Adams via Google Reviews

"I recently purchased 3 Evadare smoke alarms, 7 to be installed in my Mums house which is under contract and 6 for myself. My son-in-law installed the alarms in my Mums house, and I was very impressed with how easy they were to be installed, and also with the quality of the product. I am looking forward to having your alarms installed in my home. Thank you for a good quality product. I have no hesitation in recommending your product to my family & friends." Carolyn Stock via email.

"Hello Joe & Dave, received your smoke alarms earlier than Aust. Post suggested. Watched the video and the hardest part of paring was getting them out of the box. Have installed and tested all good. Thank you very much for the service and excellent product" Arthur Munro via email.

"Absolutely fantastic to deal with, the team has not only sold me the correct product, at the correct price but took my calls to smooth the process along. Use this service much different to the standard online sales." Luke Howell via Google reviews

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