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Are you a Property or Resident Manager?

Resident Managers, we can help you save your Landlords and Body Corporate a small fortune on smoke alarm upgrades.

Why pay $150 plus per smoke alarm when you can bulk buy our alarms – and receive a discount – then have your preferred electrician install them? Then each year, have your electrician clean and test the alarms. 

Free delivery and a 10 year warranty on all our products. Meaning if there’s any issues with any alarms during that time, we’ll replace them. Easy.

Simply get in touch with the following information and we can quote you an affordable alternative.

  • How many hardwired alarms need replacing?
  • How many additional wireless alarms do you need?
  • Do you want magnets for the wireless alarms for quick & easy install? (these can't be used for hardwired alarms)
  • Do you want remotes for each unit so visitors and tenants can quickly and easy silence any false alarms? if so, how many units?

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