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Selling Your Queensland Property in 2022?

If you are selling a property in Queensland this year, be aware that you, as the seller are responsible for upgrading the smoke alarms in the property.

The obligations on property sellers are triggered by the date the initial sale contract is signed and the seller is obligated to upgrade the dwelling to the updated interconnected domestic smoke alarm standard prior to the dwelling being transferred.  

The legislation states that existing hardwired alarms must be replaced with hardwired smoke alarms and installed by a licensed electrician. Otherwise, other required smoke alarms can be either hardwired or wireless and must be certified AS3786-2014, photoelectric and interconnected. A combination of both hardwired and wireless alarms is fine, provided they are all the same brand and able to be interconnected.

The legislation requires smoke alarms must be installed in the following locations:

  •         In each storey
  •         In each bedroom
  •         If there is no hallway, between the bedroom and other parts of the storey; and
  •         If there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.


The property seller must declare on a Form 24 to the buyer as part of the transfer process that this obligation has been discharged.

Click here for a guide on Completing a Form 24

Click here for a Form 24 download

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