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What Are Interconnected Smoke Alarms and Why Are They Important?

What Are Interconnected Smoke Alarms and Why Are They Important?

Interconnection means that smoke alarms communicate with each other, so if one smoke alarm activates, all the smoke alarms in the property go off making it more likely that all persons have the best chance of escaping a fire.

Hardwired interconnection

240 volt smoke alarms can be interconnected by using an additional wire which is laid alongside the 240v wiring at the time of installation.

This wire connects all the smoke alarms together so that if one activates, they all do. It is usually possible to connect up to 12 smoke alarms using this method. We stock the Red R240RC 240v Photoelectric Smoke Alarm With Lithium Battery Backup and Red R240 240v Photoelectric Smoke Alarm With 9V Battery Backup

Wireless (Radio Frequency) interconnection

Becoming more popular, and much easier to install, are wireless interconnected smoke alarms. These smoke alarms use wireless radio frequency (RF) transmissions to interconnect up to 40 smoke alarms depending on the model. At the time of installation these smoke alarms wirelessly connect to each other, much the same way as you would ‘pair’ Bluetooth devices. They have a much greater range and should work throughout most homes.

Our range includes the Photoelectric Smoke Alarm With Lithium Battery and the Red R10RF Photoelectric Wireless Smoke Alarm With Lithium Battery both available as singles, 5 pack or 10 packs.

Why are Interconnected Smoke Alarms Preferred?

Today in modern home design, we have rooms on different levels of the home. There may be parents’ retreats often in another part of the house from children’s bedrooms. Some people sleep with doors closed. In all these cases it may take time for smoke to reach a smoke alarm, especially if doors are closed.

This is why interconnected smoke alarms are the safest choice in helping everyone hear an alarm, regardless as to their location in the home, with enough time to escape a potential fire.

The increased use of plastic products, synthetic materials and devices in our home these days mean that fire could start anywhere in our living areas and bedrooms. Whereas 30 or 40 years ago, you may have had 10-15 minutes to escape, these days you may only have less than three minutes for everyone to wake up and get out of the house.


Furthermore, studies have shown that 85 percent of children do not wake to the sound of a smoke alarm. It's vital that if a smoke alarm activates in a child's bedroom, the parent's smoke alarm should be interconnected so that it goes off at the same time.

But if it’s 2am in the morning and a false alarm what do I do?

Rest assured, this will happen at some stage. The easiest way to silence a false alarm is to also purchase a Smoke Alarm controller.

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